Gentlemen Prefer B*tches







“Thank you for your talk. I listened to it 2 or 3 times in my car … it was fascinating. I look forward to talking with you again about your interesting, quite sensible, viewpoint.” Peter Stanley, M.D.

“ … I am truly glad your talk found its way to me. Everyone should hear this!” Suzanne Streate, homemaker.

“I have used something from your talk in every consultation I’ve done since I first heard it. Thank you.” James Baker, therapist.

“I simply started perceiving my son as male, being aware of that, and within a week we had a whole different relationship. It’s amazing. He’s only six.” Linda Scott, attendee of one workshop.

“Without any doubt, you inspire love, and people simply ooooze joy and gladness afterwards.” Anne Santos, attendee at class.

“Mavis, you really know your subject. We were really impressed with your authoritative presentation.” Jim and Yumi McClelland, clients.






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